Jovan Stojanovski

Ajahn Jovan “Stinger” Stojanovski

Jovan Stinger Stojanovski Biography

Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski has been travelling back and forth to Thailand from Canada since 1996 to fight and train, Muay Thai, being among the first westerners to do so. He decided to relocate here permanently in 2003 to fight and train at the highest. He had great success fighting at the top levels of Muay Thai in Thailand and raisin several Thai Champions and top 10 Contenders.

Ajahn Jovan has competed in some of the highest level stadiums in Thailand including, Rajdamnern, Om Noi, Channel 7 and Lumpinee Stadium. His highest achievement was fighting as the main event at the King of Thailand’s birthday celebrations. His fighting career has included opponents such as Olympic Gold Medallist and Thai National hero Somrak Khamsing, and 2001 fighter of the year Samkor Kiat Monthep.

Kru Jovan Stojanovski

Kru Jovan Stojanovski

Ajahn Stinger

Jovan Stojanovski has also appeared at numerous venues, against many other top ranked Thai opponents. Stinger also has fought and later on coached dozens of times  internationally, including Canada, U.S.A, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Laos, Malaysia , Thailand and Japan.

Ajahn Stinger currently spends his time in Chiang Rai where he has a home and family and runs his gym – Sri Wai Muay Thai Gym / Stinger Muay Thai Gym – training and coaching local and  foreign fighters.