Supalert Tansombat

Ajahn Supalert Tansombat “Lom Issan”

Supalert Tansombat Biography

Ajahn Supalert Tansombat “Lom Issan” ( the Issan Wind ) is nationally recognized as a muay thai genius.  His success in the  Muay Thai world in Thailand is fantastic. In his fighting days he started fighting at age 9 in Udon Thani Issan Province, Thailand and retired at age 31. In his career of over 300+ professional fights he rose to the astounding heights of

  • #1 Ranked contender – Featherweight 126 lbs – Rajadamnern Stadium
  • #1 Ranked contender super bantamweight 122 lbs – Lumpinee Stadium
  • Thai National Champion – Bantamweight 118 lbs

He now coaches and trains fighters all over Thailand.  In between stops he helps to train fighters at the Sri Wai Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Rai. He regularly appears in Thai television cornering fighters and commentating on events. We are fortunate to have him as head of the Sri Wai Muay Thai trainer Association.

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